Babul Supriyo vs Suvendu Adhikari | | ‘BJP is a party full of crabs’! Lessons of morality without naming Shuvendu! Babylon’s cannon is like a strong shell!

#Kolkata: Shuvendu Adhikari pierced Babul Supriya with such remarks in his usual manner, ‘What is the agreement with PC Vaipo?’ Babul took a moment. He replied in sixes. He told Shuvendu to give a moral lesson inside the house. He did not hesitate to call the BJP a crab party.

On the same day, Babul wrote on social media, “I will tell the person who is giving me moral knowledge from the BJP to start the lesson from the inside of my own house. I am just as proud of what I have done for the BJP since 2024, as I am proud of the shameless betrayal of real workers and the boarding of foreigners on a chartered plane.

Babul is protesting against any injustice? There may be two hints in Babul’s words like in the political arena. A few days before Babul left the party, the cabinet was formed by the BJP. Babylon did not have a place there. On the other hand, Babul did not get the call despite opposing the factions that had gathered before the BJP vote. His relationship with former president Dilip Ghosh has always been in the realm of glass art. This situation seems to have turned the heart of Babylon into a grassroots.

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In that post, Babul seems to have written the words in the guise of a moral education story. He wrote, “I heard when I was a child that if someone says in their mind and heart that you have been wrongfully fined ten rupees, then fight in court without paying the fine, and if necessary, revoke the fine by spending one hundred rupees.” In other words, to fight against the injustice of the BJP, the adult Babul today agrees to any loss. Observers understand the exclusion of names from the ministry as an unfair fine.

Babul has filled the bag of memories in that post. He did not want to erase the past, but the BJP has brought up the days of association. “I will never accept an unjust fine, no matter what I say. I did not accept it and so with two and a half years left, I did not hesitate to resign as an MP who won for the BJP. I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid today. “

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