Babul Supriyo: Why he has not left the post of MP yet, Babul Supriyo made the letter public and revealed it!

#Kolkata: Announced, do not do politics. He said, he has only one team, he believes in one belief. Former Union Minister Babul Supriyo’s announcement did not last long. He left the BJP and went straight to the grassroots. But what after that? He has repeatedly made it clear that the grassroots are going to give him a big responsibility. He also made it clear that he will not leave the BJP and hold the post of BJP MP. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla asked for time to meet. As soon as he gets that, he will resign from the post of MP. But after several days, Babul Supriya did not resign from the post of MP. What is the reason for this delay? This time Babul himself revealed it on Twitter.

On the same day, Babul posted on Twitter the letter sent to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, which he had sent during the meeting. He also wrote, ‘I send my letter to the Hon’ble Speaker’s High Office more than the time of the meeting. An acknowledgment of that letter has also been received from the office of Shraddhaya Sir. I am making the same request again. MP Saugat Roy has also given a letter to this effect. In other words, Babul clarified the letter sent to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Twitter, saying that he has not been able to resign from the post of MP yet due to lack of time on behalf of the Speaker.

Incidentally, from the day Babul announced his departure from the BJP, speculations about his joining the grassroots began. However, after a long post on Facebook, he wrote, ‘I’m not going to any other team. Trinamool, Congress, CPM, nowhere. Absolutely sure. No one called me, I’m not going anywhere. I am a supporter along the way. I have always supported Mohun Bagan. The BJP is the only party in Bengal. Babul also wrote, ‘If you want to do social service, you can do it without being in politics. I tidy myself up a little before then. ‘ However, Babul came to the grassroots holding the hand of Abhishek Banerjee.

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After coming to the Trinamool camp, the BJP raised questions about Babul. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari questioned why Babul did not resign from the post. However, Babul made it clear from the outset of the Trinamool Congress that he would not hold on to the BJP seat when he left the party. Just waiting to get speaker time. He made that clear on Twitter that day. He explained that he is still in the post of ‘beloved’ Asansol MP as he has not got the time to be the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

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