Babul Supriyo: With the resignation of MP, the Trinamool has given a big responsibility to Babul Supriyo!

#Kolkata: With his resignation as an MP, Babul Supriyo has set the tone against the old party BJP. He also stabbed BJP on Facebook. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari targeted Babul and said, “What agreement should you publish with PC nephew Babul Supriya?” Babul made such remarks in Shuvendu’s usual manner. He told Shuvendu to give a moral lesson inside the house. He did not even hesitate to call the BJP a crab party. And he has repeatedly made it clear to the grassroots that he has come to work for the people. Now it is known that Babul Supriya is going to Goa under the watchful eye of the grassroots. Next Sunday, he is scheduled to go to Goa with a Trinamool delegation. Not only that, he will also attend several meetings there.

Regarding Babul’s visit to Goa, Saugat Roy said on Friday, ‘I have gone to Tripura, I am going to Goa. Going to many more states. We will go further before 2024. I am going to Goa myself. Babul Supriya is also going with me. ‘ And after this announcement of Saugat Roy, it was understood that the Trinamool is giving enough importance to Babul Supriya. Babul’s visit to Goa even before Mamata Banerjee’s visit is giving that indication.

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Incidentally, Babul lost his post of Union Minister and declared Supriya, and he will not do politics. He even said that he has only one party, one faith, so he wants to be a believer. Former Union Minister Babul Supriyo’s announcement did not last long. He left the BJP and joined the grassroots. But after that? Although not yet announced, it is clear that the grassroots are going to give him a big responsibility, even Babul himself has repeatedly made it clear. The political circles think that sending Babul to Goa is the beginning of that big responsibility.

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Soon after leaving the BJP, Babul announced that he would not hold on to the party’s seat. After a long struggle, he submitted his resignation letter to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Tuesday. This time the destination of Babul is Goa.

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