Bail confiscated in all three constituencies, BJP’s uneasiness increased as a result of by-elections – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The two seats in hand went out In the by-elections, the bail of BJP candidates (West Bengal By Elections Results) was confiscated in three out of four centers in the state. According to the Election Commission, BJP candidates have failed to secure bail in Dinhata, Gosaba and Kharadha.

According to the rules of the Election Commission, the votes cast in a note are excluded from the total votes cast in a center After that, the candidate has to get one-sixth of the total votes cast to save the deposit from the number of valid votes cast. But BJP candidates in Dinhata, Gosaba and Kharadha failed to meet that condition

Trinamool candidate Udayan Guha got 1,69,575 votes in Dinhata The BJP and Forward Bloc candidates got 25, 46 and 6290 votes respectively. Trinamool’s victory margin is 1,64,069 votes (Dinhata By Election Results)

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Trinamool candidate Shobhandev Chattopadhyay got 1,14,06 votes in Khardah By Election Results. BJP candidate Joy Saha got 20,254 votes The CPM received 18,110 votes

In Gosaba too, the Trinamool won by 1,43,051 votes In Gosaba, the Trinamool candidate got 1,81,484 votes There, the BJP candidate got a total of 18,423 votes RSP got 306 votes (Gosaba By Election Results) 6

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Only in Shantipur, some faces of the opposition have been saved Trinamool’s victory margin in Shantipur is about 65,006 In Shantipur, Trinamool got 1,12,07 votes BJP and CPM got 48412 and 39,956 votes respectively Among the four centers, Dinhata and Shantipur were held by the BJP

BJP state president Sukant Majumder, however, alleged that the Trinamool had won by a wide margin in four constituencies. Counter Trinamool leader Kunal Ghosh quipped, “Sukant Majumdar is setting an extraordinary record by losing in four constituencies as the state president.” Not a single BJP MP from the state will reach Delhi in 2024.

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