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Baishakhi buys Shovon’s violin house, Ratna ready for counter legal battle – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Sovan Chatterjee’s house in Sohala Chatterjee was bought by his girlfriend Baisakhi Banerjee buys house of Sovan Chatterjee. Shovanbabu’s wife Ratna Chatterjee is currently living in the house with her son Saptarshi and daughter Suhani. However, he said that if he gets a legal notice to leave the house, he will also respond to it in a legal way

Sovan Chatterjee’s house in Behala has been living in this house on Maharani Indira Devi Road in Behala for a long time. He left this house in Behala in 2016 and went to his flat in Goalpark Shovan’s girlfriend Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay said that Shovan was forced to sell the house to cover the cost of the legal battle. He bought the house to help Shovon as his girlfriend

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At the moment, Ratna Chakraborty is taking Shovan’s son Saptarshi and daughter Suhani to the house in Behala. Ratna has made it clear that she will not leave the house even if Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay buys the house Baishakhi Devi, however, said that she would send a notice to Ratnadevi to leave the house

Ratnadevi, however, said that she did not know anything about the sale of the house However, he is also ready for a legal battle Former Behala MLA Ratna Chatterjee is currently in a divorce case with Shovon Chatterjee. In the last assembly election, Ratnadevi was elected MLA from Behala East Center Earlier, Shovanai was the MLA of that center

A few days ago, however, it was heard that Shovan had written off all his property to Baishakhi Banerjee. He will also write the house of Behala to his girlfriend Baishakhi Baishakhi Devi, however, said in a close circle that she had bought Behala’s house to stand by Shovonbabu’s side in difficult times.

Shovon Chatterjee had to be arrested after the assembly elections last May At that time the son Saptarshi was seen beside him However, after the arrest, his wife and son had a quarrel with Shovan Chatterjee at SSKM Hospital.

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