#Kolkata: The operation against the illegal call center was carried out by the anti-gang branch of Kolkata Police. Allegations of fraud in the name of installing mobile towers. The Calcutta Police’s anti-hooliganism branch raided an illegal call center on Shakespeare Street. Nine people have been arrested in the incident. According to intelligence sources, the victims were mainly from North India. Important documents including two land phones, two laptops and nine mobiles were seized from the suspects. Who else is involved in this cycle is being investigated.

According to intelligence sources, the illegal call center has been operating in the Shakespeare Street area for a long time. How was the business? Ever been called and asked if there is land? If he owned the land, he would pay a huge sum of money by installing a mobile tower on that land. It is alleged that he used to take millions of rupees from the fraudsters by calling them from time to time, sometimes for registration and sometimes for some other excuse. Sometimes money was taken from the name of the tour package to go around. But the question is, in the heart of the city, how are these call centers growing like a frog’s umbrella? How long has this cheating cycle been going on?

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A few days ago, the CID conducted a search across the city on the charge of fraud of Rs 39 lakh in the name of installing mobile towers. CID Cyber ​​Crime Officers and Purulia CID DD Department officials raided a total of five call centers, including RN Mukherjee Road, Park Street, a short distance from Lalbazar. A total of 20 people have been arrested by the CID in the incident.

According to CID sources, the complaint was lodged on February 16 at Kenda in Purulia. Allegedly, fraudsters swindled Rs 39 lakh in the name of installing mobile towers at home. The fraudster was called from multiple numbers. CID and Purulia DD jointly conducted a search on RN Mukherjee Road near Park Street and Lalbazar. 30 lakh rupees, mobiles, laptops, various documents were recovered. Detectives have claimed that illegal call centers have sprung up like frogs’ umbrellas in multiple places in Salt Lake, Park Street and Shakespeare Street.


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