#Kolkata: On Thursday, Abhishek Banerjee took part in the campaign as Trinamool candidate Babul Supriya in Baliganj. From there, Abhishek attacked BJP and Trinamool. Abhishek, who is confident, said that this time the Trinamool will win at least 60 to 70 thousand votes in the Baliganj election. Abhishek is hopeful that Shatrughna Sinha will win in Asansol with 200,000 votes.

At the end of the procession at Mallikbazar on Thursday, Abhishek said, “Thanks to those who walked five and a half kilometers.” Remember, voting for Babul Supriya means voting for Mamata Banerjee. Babul has been nominated here to complete the unfinished work of Subrata Mukherjee. None of us wanted this by-election. Subrata Mukherjee is in every corner of Baliganj.

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Recalling the results of the assembly polls, Abhishek said, “Last time, they said 200 times. But we lost them. Unable to do so, they are showcasing CSK and arresting cabinet members. Not being able to fight on the field is doing this. They vote with ED-CBI. Even if they lose, they do not want to accept the rate.

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The message of the inauguration to the common man, sadly the grassroots has always been, is, will be by the side of the common man. They are actually seized by the grassroots. After losing to the Trinamool, the BJP-led central government reduced the price by Tk 5, this time winning in Uttar Pradesh and raising the price again. So lose them in Baliganj. We will fight in Tripura, Meghalaya. I will go to all the states. I will fight for votes in more states. Abhishek’s message to the common people, come to vote for Babul Supriya on the next 12th, even if it is a little difficult.

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