#Kolkata: Political analysts are looking at the results of the Baliganj by-election. Because in that center, the grassroots star candidate Babul Supriyo (Babul Supriyo), who left the BJP and wrote his name in the grass. However, due to the by-election, the turnout was much lower in Baliganj. But Trinamool candidate Babul has gone ahead from the first round. According to the latest information, Babul Supriya is leading with 72 votes at the end of the tenth round in Baliganj. Although the gap was reduced a lot. Kamal Babul Supriya has a margin of one thousand votes as compared to the ninth round.

CPIM candidate Saira Shah Halim has emerged as Babul’s closest rival. He came up in second place. And BJP candidate Keya Ghosh has moved to the fourth position. Which is undoubtedly a great inconvenience to the Gerua camp. At the end of the tenth round, Trinamool candidate Babul got 2735 votes, notably CPIM candidate Saira Shah Halim got 2063 votes, third place Congress candidate got 4092 votes and BJP’s Keya Ghosh got only 3821 votes.

In all, 19 rounds of votes are to be counted in Baliganj. But with only 41 per cent of the votes cast in Baliganj, the Election Commission expects the picture of the by-election results to be clear in a short time.

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Incidentally, as many by-elections have been held since the last assembly election, the rise of the Left as an opposition is particularly noticeable. That trend is also being noticed in the case of Baliganj. But the manner in which the BJP candidate has reached the fourth position in Baliganj is undoubtedly a matter of concern to the Gerua camp.

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In Asansol, meanwhile, Trinamool candidate Shatrughan Sinha continues to increase his margins. As of last news, Trinamool leader Shatrughan Sinha is ahead of BJP candidate Agnimitra Pal by about 16,000 votes in the second round of counting. At the end of the first round, the Trinamool candidate was leading with more than 10,000 votes

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