#Kolkata: Babul Supriya won. Political analysts were looking at the results of the Baliganj by-election. Because the grassroots star candidate in that center was Babul Supriyo, who left the BJP and wrote his name in Ghasphule. However, due to the by-elections, the turnout was much lower in Baliganj. But Trinamool candidate Babul went ahead from the first round. In the end, Babul won the 19904 election. Got about 48 percent votes. On the other hand, CPIM candidate Saira Shah Halim has emerged as the nearest rival of the significant Babul. He came up in second place. And BJP candidate Keya Ghosh has moved to the third position. Which is undoubtedly a great inconvenience to the Gerua camp.

In the end, Trinamool candidate Babul got 50622 votes, notably CPIM candidate Saira Shah Halim got 30718 votes, third place BJP candidate Keya Ghosh got only 1296 votes and Congress candidate got only 5195 votes. With only 41 percent of the vote in Baliganj, the picture of the by-election results became clear long ago. Babul Supriya was slowly increasing the gap. He finally won.

In Babul’s words, “I am standing in a place like Baliganj. Wide smile, time will come. I am more happy with Asansol. I knew Shatrughna Sinha would win, but the BJP should have won by such a margin. Asansol is always special to me. We will all work together. ” After the victory, he came in front of the media with his wife and child and thanked the voters of Baliganj.

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On the other hand, BJP state president Sukanta Majumder did not hesitate to break it. Despite losing the by-election, he is optimistic about the 24th Lok Sabha. Regarding the results of Baliganj, Sukant said, “Even in the strong winds of Ekushey election, our votes in Baliganj are only 30,000. Baliganj has never been a great seat for us.” There, the minority vote is 42%. Those who do not vote for us. They have moved away from the grassroots and are now voting for the CPM and the Congress.

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Although Sukant Majumder is reluctant to give up on Asansol. In his words, “There was no vote in Barabani, Pandabeshwar of Asansol. He did not allow the media to enter Kulati, Raniganj by-election in favor of the ruling party. But still I say Asansol will be ours in 2024. “

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