Ban on Firecrackers: Kolkata Police warns of stern action

#Kolkata: Ban on Firecrackers should not be used in any way before or after Kalipujo. Lalbazar (Kolkata Police) gave strict instructions to the police stations to obey the court order Strict instructions have been issued to all police stations to monitor the multi-storey buildings of the city

The Calcutta High Court and the Supreme Court (Ban on Firecrackers) have banned all types of fireworks in the state. Lalbazar wants to ensure that fireworks are not set off in the city in defiance of court orders. That is why a meeting was held with all the police stations on this day

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The meeting directed the police stations to stop firing in the city by any means. Action will be taken against the secretary or chairman of the concerned multi-storey residential committee, especially in case of fireworks from any multi-storey building. Residents of multi-storey buildings in different police stations have also been asked to warn by giving this message

In addition, it has been decided to keep a close watch on Jagadhatri Pujo so that no bets are sold. There will be arrangements for nose checking in different places Officers of DC rank will take to the streets themselves to monitor Armed police forces and detectives will launch an operation to stop the smuggling of fireworks Police have already seized about 2,300 kg of bets through surveillance and raids at various places. One person was arrested from the port area on Friday with 107 kg of firecrackers

Shubhankar Sinha Sarkar, Joint CP Headquarters, Kolkata Police, said, “There will be no slackening to prevent fireworks. Strict surveillance will be carried out especially on multi-storey buildings Multi-storey residents will also be warned.

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