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Bangla News: Civic Volunteer or City Police? Controversy over ‘WBCP’ badge on clothing


#Kolkata: Duty with police after khaki dress. ‘WBCP’ written on the costume. They came on duty with the white-clad police. Some people have ‘WBCP’ written on their shoulder badges. Seeing the question may arise what is the whole word? The information came to the fore when two ‘WBCP’ written women were questioned. They said, ‘West Bengal City Police’. Asked by a police officer next door, he said, “They are civic volunteers.” But I can’t say why the city police is saying that. ‘ After wearing such clothes, one or two people writing WBCP can be seen at Chingrihata corner. They behave like police, but they are actually civic volunteers. (Bangla News)

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that the police should do important work with them. For example, civic volunteers still stand on the street and check vehicle documents. But there are also allegations of harassment against civic volunteers. There are many such civic volunteers in the state who are deceiving people in the guise of police. Meanwhile, according to the state police, they do not have any training like the police. So problems arise while working. Even if a crime is committed, no punishment can be provided.

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The two women civics were seen a few days ago during the movement of nurses in the health building. At that time they were on duty under the leadership of a female assistant commissioner. This raises the question, how can anyone under the leadership of a police officer do duty after the ‘WBCP’ badge? Police officials say, ‘They were taken as police assistants. These are contractual. So they can never write to the police. They are taking advantage of the police.

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Ordinary people do not know so much. As a result, many people are going to panic when they see the police writing. And a class of police personnel are using them for their own personal gain. A few days ago, the government had a headache with fake police, IAS and IPS in the state. There are enough questions about the duty after the badge ‘WBCP’ written in front of the police officer.

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