#Kolkata: Four people, including two women, were arrested for stealing from a water park in Nico Park. The accused were arrested by the police of Bidhannagar South Police Station. Everyone is known to be a resident of Kasba. According to police sources, a newlywed couple from Orissa came to the water park in Nico Park. At that time, they left everything in the locker of the park by mistake and left with the key. But the key goes somewhere in the street. (Bangla News)

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Later they go to the locker room again to find the key. At that time they saw a young man opening their locker and grabbing things. After that, with the help of the park authorities, 4 people including the young man named Vicky Sahu and the two young women who were with the young man were arrested. Later, the park authorities informed the Bidhannagar South police station. Police came and arrested the four accused. The accused are Sonali Ghosh, Deblina Das, Vicky Sahu and Arnab Pal. Everyone is a resident of Kasba area. The accused will be taken to Bidhannagar court on Friday.

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Police want to know the reason why the accused were stealing things from the locker. The question is whether they have committed such acts before. Investigators have already collected CCTV footage from various parts of the park. It is being investigated whether the accused have been seen in the park before.

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