Bangla News: Ivory Coast resident arrested in Newtown! Police are looking for the secret behind football

#Kolkata: A foreigner arrested for illegally residing in India even after his visa expires. He was jointly arrested by Kolkata Police and Newtown Police. The victim’s name is Keita Fawseni, a resident of Ivory Coast. Last night, the security control agency of the Kolkata police and the Newtown police raided a house in Ramkrishna Palli, Chandiberia, New Town, on a tip-off. A foreign national was arrested from there. The name of the arrested person is Keita Fawseni. According to police sources, the arrested person was living in the country illegally even after his visa expired on March 23, 2016. Dhrita will be taken to Barasat court today and the police will request to take him into their custody. Police are investigating the reason why the man was living in the country illegally for so long, whether there was any intention of sabotage or whether anyone else was involved with him. At the same time, the police are interrogating the owner of the house he used to rent in Newtown. Although the police found out in the preliminary interrogation, the arrested person is a footballer by profession.

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Incidentally, a few days ago, the BSF arrested a Dhaka police officer on charges of crossing the border illegally. The police officer named Sohail Rana is said to be working as an inspector in Dhaka’s Banani police station. The BSF arrested him from Changrabandha last Friday. According to BSF sources, Sohail Rana, who is working as an inspector in Bangladesh, entered India through the Changrabandha border last Friday. He did not have any valid documents for crossing the border. He introduced himself as a police officer of Bangladesh. He has been charged under the Foreigners Act and the Prevention of Illegal Entry Act.

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