Bangla News: Job Advertising on Social Media? Be very careful! This incident in New Town proved …

#Kolkata: Fraud in West Bengal in the name of giving a job at the airport by advertising on social media. The accused identified himself as the staff of the Airport Authority. Ecopark police arrested a fraudster named Kunal Saha from Akankha Junction in Newtown on the basis of the allegations. Dhrita will be taken to Barasat court on Sunday. The police will request to take him into their custody.

According to police sources, a young man from East Burdwan complained to the Ecopark police station that after seeing an advertisement on social media and contacting the phone number given there, the man identified as Kunal Saha introduced himself as Airport Authority staff and said he would get a job at the airport. You have to pay in return.

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Not just one person after seeing this advertisement, several youths contacted Kunal Saha and submitted their documents. Apart from this, they handed over about 10 lakh rupees to Kunal Saha in the hope of getting a job. However, after some time has passed, they do not get any good answer and realize that they have been deceived.

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The youths then lodged a complaint with the Ecopark Police Station on Saturday. On the basis of that allegation, the police of Ecopark Police Station arrested Kunal Saha from Newtown Akankha Mor area on Saturday night. Dhrita will be taken to Barasat court on Sunday. The police will apply to take them into custody. The police of Ecopark police station will investigate who else is involved in this fraud by interrogating Dhrita in custody.

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