#Kolkata: Wednesday morning event. South Traffic Guard Sergeant Amal Prasad (Bangla News | Kolkata Police) was on duty at the Exide intersection around 11 am. A busy traffic sergeant on a busy road looks at signals and traffic. Then the duty sergeant suddenly heard the screams of a woman from inside a passing bus. He saw a man fleeing from a moving bus (Bangla News | Kolkata Police). Some women shouted from the bus and said that she was fleeing after snatching her mobile phone. The police officer did not have any difficulty in realizing that the person was a thief (Bangla News | Kolkata Police).

Without wasting time, Traffic Sergeant Amal followed the snatcher. Realizing the situation was strange, the snatcher Lord Sinha started running towards the road. Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose and Mrinal Harijan, a civic volunteer of the South Traffic Guard, were on duty at Lord Sinha Road Crossing. Amal told Mrinal, a civic volunteer in Wakitiki, that a man was fleeing towards Lord Sinha Road after snatching a mobile phone, and ordered him to be caught quickly. A few moments later, Mrinal ran and caught the snatcher. He was handed over to Bahar Ali Khan, Sub-Inspector, Duty Officer, Shakespeare Street Police Station.

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The mobile phone was recovered and returned to its owner. He was overwhelmed and thanked the Kolkata Traffic Police. Recently, during the activities of a civic volunteer of the South Traffic Guard of the Calcutta Traffic Police, the police burned his face with a card. The police commissioner himself had to open his mouth about that issue. After the incident, the Civic Volunteer was fired and the OC of the South Guard of the Traffic Police was called to Lalbazar. The police commissioner also directed an inquiry into the whole matter. Kolkata Police has faced thousands of criticisms over that viral video of Civic Volunteer. Civic volunteers were also asked to act with awareness after the incident. This time the city dwellers are getting a lot of confidence in the work of another civic volunteer.

Sushovan Bhattacharya

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