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Bangla News || Police accused Naxals of ‘singing’


#Kolkata: The Naxals once raised the slogan ‘Gun barrel is the source of power’. Then a lot of water flowed through the Ganges. Charu Majumdar’s party has given up guns and entered parliamentary politics. It has not been less than a day. CPIM Liberation is a statewide movement against the rise in prices and movement for the protection of democracy. The party’s Kolkata district committee staged a protest in front of the Raj Bhavan on Thursday. The party has called for a procession from Jadavpur ATB bus stand to Baghayatin junction on Saturday, May 26 against price rise and unemployment.

In support of the 223-day stand of the job seekers of the Youth Student Rights Forum at the Gandhi Murti on Friday, solidarity was expressed in speeches and mass music at the West Bengal Gana Sanskriti Parishad Mancha. Sarit Chakraborty, Secretary, West Bengal Gana Sanskriti Parishad, Mehuli Chakraborty and Nitish Roy, Gana Kabiyal were present. The complaint was formed by the police while serving music in support of the job candidates. The members of the organization protested against the retaliation. Although later allowed to sing for tens of minutes. Sarit Chakraborty, state secretary of the West Bengal Gana Sanskriti Parishad, said, “The Youth Student Rights Forum of SSC job seekers has been operating under the open sky at the foot of Gandhi for 223 days.”

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Today, the cultural activists of West Bengal Gana Sanskriti Parishad went to the stage to express their solidarity in demanding their speedy appointment and in support of their just demands. To boost the morale of the agitators, cultural activist Mehuli sang Rabindranath’s song in empty voice, ‘This time your dead Gang has come to Ban’, in which all the agitators chanted. The police rushed to stop the song. Their speech should not be sung. To them, music has become GUN today. In the end, in the face of combined resistance, the police had to break up the battle. The long-standing position became vocal in stage songs and slogans. We strongly oppose this undemocratic behavior of the police. “Once upon a time, there was a movement called ‘They don’t let us sing Paul Robson’.


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