#Kolkata: The state government (West Bengal Government) directed to conduct fire audit of state government medical colleges and hospitals. Fire audits have been instructed, especially in the ICU and where patients are admitted. Such instructions were given by the state fire protection department (Bangla News).

The guidelines state that daily fire audit reports must be sent to DG Fire. Each district has already been instructed to start it. In each district, the fire officers in charge of the district will form a team and conduct this audit under the leadership of the district magistrate. The guidelines are known to be directed at the highest levels of the state administration. This was stated in the guidelines issued by the fire protection department. A fire broke out at a Kovid hospital in Mumbai recently. Many people die in it. Soon after, the state fire department issued such guidelines.

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Incidentally, 10 Kovid patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) died in a fire at a hospital in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra on November 8. Several people were also injured. The fire department’s initial estimate is that the fire was due to a short circuit.

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Patients in the ICU died of asphyxiation, hospital sources said. Upon receiving the news, the police and firefighters started the rescue operation. Police and fire department have started investigation to find out the cause of the incident. Last April, a fire broke out at Kovid Hospital in Palghar, Maharashtra due to a short circuit. In that incident too, 13 corona patients undergoing treatment in the ICU died. However, not only in Maharashtra, but also in Bengal, hospitals and nursing homes have caught fire repeatedly. So the state government took precautionary measures.

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