#Kolkata: There was a great deal of excitement surrounding the rescue of the body of a businessman from a bathroom in Baguiati Ashwininagar. The body of Jagadish Chandra Mallik, a resident of Baguiati Ashwininagar, was recovered on Sunday. The age of the deceased is 72. He lived alone on the second floor of a three-story house. On this day, a mutilated body was recovered from the bathroom of his house. (Bangla News) Police also initially think that looting has taken place in the house. The family also has allegations of robbery.

A relative of the family claimed that the rice lorry came when he filled his pocket and went out with the money to pay the moneylender. As a result, he could not come out next time. One of his relatives alleged that Jagadish Babu was lying face down in the bathroom. The body was covered with a black cloth. The initial claim of the family is that the merchant was killed in such a brutal way out of enmity or violence.

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After that the news reached Baguiati police station, the police of Baguiati police station recovered the body and sealed the house. The businessman’s sister further complained that the cupboard inside the house was open and it is believed that all the looting was carried out. At that time, the police initially suspected that the businessman was locked in the bathroom. Then the bathroom is locked and then death is possible. The police of Baguiati police station has started investigation into the whole incident. Family members allege he was murdered.

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