Bangla News: Two Kidneys, Liver Lost Today

#Kolkata: Impossible is becoming possible in medical science. Once upon a time, people would get frustrated if there was a complex disease. Almost without treatment, there were deaths. The advancement of that medical science is slowly reaching its peak. Kidney transplantation of a small child (Kidney Transplantation) has set a precedent for doctors (Bangla News).

Today that child is running and playing with his friends. Sayak Chatterjee is 14 years old. Seventh grade student (Kidney Transplantation). Father Debashish Chattopadhyay works as a security guard. Mother Rinku is a housewife. Sayek was diagnosed with high blood pressure at the age of five (Bangla News). Then after showing it to different doctors, he showed it to the doctors in Kolkata in 2014. The doctors said that his two kidneys were useless.

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Debashish and Rinku came to Calcutta from Montessori in Burdwan to save their son. They were forced to sell five bighas of land and jewelery to cover the cost of treatment. They got a kidney transplant for the boy. Today is the best time to save the boy.

Eventually Debashish came to Kolkata (Bangla News) to save his son and took a job as a security guard. He moved to a rented house in Ajaynagar area of ​​South Kolkata. Gone is the treatment. Because it’s not just kidney disease anymore. Different types of symptoms are seen in the body of the boy. Yet the war did not stop. Since 2016, fever, etc. have been on the rise again. It is known that the child’s liver has become useless.

After contacting various doctors in Calcutta, the helpless parents were reassured by the treatment of Dr. Naresh Sanmugam in Chennai. He has been waiting for a kidney transplant since 2020. Finally, on April 17, 2021, Saik’s liver was replaced. Sayak is now completely healthy.

Sayak, a small war winner, was speaking fluently in front of the media. He now plays football and cricket just like any other normal healthy friend. Studying. Running with friends. Mother Rinku kept saying that the doctor got the boy back for Naresh. Medical science has healed the boy who had given up hope of life and put him back in his lap. However, according to Rinku and Debashish, there is no sorrow in losing everything. Their happy moon is smiling in a rented room.

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