Bangla News | West Bengal Government: The state wants to hire helicopters to bring ‘speed’ in the next five years! Know the terms?

#Kolkata: The state government wants to hire 8 helicopters The state transport department has already called for tenders in this regard (Bangla News | West Bengal Government). Companies wishing to lease helicopters to the state have been asked to apply by January 5. The tender notification has already been published (Bangla News | West Bengal Government). Notable among the conditions laid down by the state government for helicopter rental is that at least six people can sit in this helicopter (Bangla News | West Bengal Government). Must be a double engine helicopter VIP will tour in this helicopter.

If the conditions are met, the state government will lease the helicopter for 5 years. The state government wants to fly the helicopter at least 45 hours a month. Now the state transport department has helicopters. They are used in multiple cases, including VVIP tours. The state wants to hire an expert in the field of aviation. Those who have done business for at least Tk 25 crore in the last three years.

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The helicopter will be given a maximum of two days a month for maintenance If for some reason the chartered helicopter cannot work for three days, then the company has to provide another helicopter to the government free of cost. As a result, the company that will provide the helicopter will have to have additional helicopters. There is no objection even if the helicopter has been used before. However, the 7-year-old helicopter will not be. Helicopters with a seating capacity of at least six will be taken, according to a notification from the state government. The two-engine should be the chopper with the facility that VIPs can travel.

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The state government wants to operate the helicopter for 45 hours a month for the next five years. The state government wants to take a ‘wet’ lease. The company that will hire the chopper will be responsible for arranging the driver and other staff. The company will also be responsible for the maintenance of the chopper. Helicopter parking will be provided at Behala and Howrah Dumurjala. However, in the case of VIP or other travel by air, the company has been asked to abide by the rules.

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