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#Rajarhat: Bangla News | Rajarhat Death (Bangla News | Rajarhat Death). Rajarhat Death on Monday morning in the Raipara area of ​​Shikharpur (Bangla News | Rajarhat Death). The burnt body of a woman named Anima Roy (56) was recovered from a house in the area. The body was recovered from the second floor of the house and the whole area was agitated (Bangla News | Rajarhat Death).

According to local sources, on Monday morning, a member of the house saw from the ground floor that a fire was burning in the upper room. They called other members of the family and went upstairs. By then, they claimed, more than half of the body had been burned. After that Rajarhat police station was informed. Police of Rajarhat police station went and recovered the body.

Police’s initial guess is that Anima Roy has committed suicide. He committed suicide by pouring kerosene oil on his body. Initially, it was thought that her husband had been ill for some time. The wife was suffering from mental depression due to that illness. The family members also informed the police. Police have already recovered the body for autopsy and sent it to the hospital. However, the police are investigating whether it is suicide or there is a conspiracy behind it.

A few days ago, a woman’s rotten body was found in Habra Jayagachhi area. The body of a middle-aged woman was recovered from a pond near the newly constructed building of Joygachhi Super Market in Habra. The shopkeepers of the vegetable market next door see it first. As soon as it became known, there was intense unrest in the area. Habra police went to the spot and recovered the body.

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