#Kolkata: Bengali will also be number one in the industry Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also announced from the platform of the World Bengal Industrial Conference that 1.5 crore jobs would be created in the state in the next one and half years. At the same time, his message to the industrialists was, “If you are in Bengal, remember that you are one of our family.”

On this day, the World Bengal Industrial Conference started in New Town Attending the inauguration ceremony, the Governor highly praised the Chief Minister The Chief Minister also thanked the Governor for his counter-statement

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According to Mamata Banerjee, delegates from 42 countries have come to this year’s industry conference The Chief Minister said, “We are holding this summit for the first time in two years.” No other state has been able to do that I am proud of that Investment of Tk 12,000 crore has come from the previous five trade conferences Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. ” Apart from emphasizing on industry, the Chief Minister also mentioned the social projects being run by the state government like health partner, Kanyashree, Lakshmi Bhandar.

The assurance of the Chief Minister in front of the industrialists of the country and abroad that no ban is allowed in Bengal Working days are not wasted The Chief Minister also reminded that the growth rate of Bengal is higher than the national average. The Chief Minister also reminded about the availability of skilled workers, political stability and the industry-friendly policy of the government.

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Mamata Banerjee said, ‘We don’t want to share with anyone. We have many projects for farmers. We want to smile on both sides of industry and agriculture. We are the first to work 100 days in 10 years. We have prepared the land bank. We have done more than 200 industrial parks. Bengal is the gateway to North East India, Southeast Asia. If you invest in Bengal, you can also invest in Bhutan and Bangladesh.

In his speech, the Chief Minister also mentioned Tajpur Port, Deucha Pachami Coal Mine Project, Silicon Valley and tried to explain how much emphasis his government has put on infrastructure development.

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