#Kolkata: One of them was arrested for swindling millions of rupees by stealing credit card information. Bidhannagar Cyber ​​Crime Police arrested the accused from Delhi.

According to police sources, the general manager of West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation came to Bidhannagar Cyber ​​Crime Police Station on September 26 last year and complained that he had a credit card valid till 2023. Last time on 4th September last year, he checked the balance of the card and saw that he had to pay 16958 rupees. Within a few days, he received repeated phone calls from the bank’s credit card office, telling him that his credit card had been rewarded, asking for his name, phone number, date of birth, and credit card information.

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A few days later, on September 26, the complainant received a credit card bill of Tk 1,72,084. He found out from the bank that his credit card had been used from Noida and Gurgaon.

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Bidhannagar Cyber ​​Crime Police launched an investigation into the incident and raided Delhi. From there, the police arrested Gyandwip Dixit, one of the main culprits of the incident. Police recovered the phone and bank details used in the crime from him. He was granted a five-day transit remand from Delhi and brought to Kolkata. He will be taken to Bidhannagar court today. It is learned that the police will request to take him into their custody. Bidhannagar Cyber ​​Crime Police is investigating who else is involved in this incident.

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