Bank Fraud in Kolkata: Bank fraud again in the city

# Amit Chakraborty, Kolkata: One of the victims of Online Bank Fraud in Fer City. This time, 1 lakh 16 thousand rupees disappeared from the account of Sudipta Goswami, a resident of Garfar. Dishehara Sudiptababu lodged a complaint at Garfa Police Station and Lalbazar Anti-Bank Fraud Section.

How did Sudipta Goswami’s money disappear? Sudipta said he was first asked to update the KYC by sending a message in the name of Vodafone (VI). Then a call was sent from a number around 11 am on Wednesday and a link was sent to the mobile talking about the KYC update of the VI postpaid number. It is said to fill up the update form through that link.

Sudiptababu opened a page just by clicking on that link, giving his name and number details. Then comes the payment option. He was asked to pay 13.90 rupees. He paid this money through internet banking. Immediately after that a message came to him from SBI and his password changed. Complaint. He saw on his mobile that a software system called quick support has been downloaded and activated without his knowledge. Through which all the details have been taken by cloning his mobile.

And within that time, the fraudsters have removed 1 lakh 16 thousand rupees before they understood anything. It is seen that the money has been transferred from his account to Flipkart.

Realizing that he had been deceived, Sudipta contacted the police station. The matter was also reported to Lalbazar from the police station. Police are searching for the culprits. Note that a few days ago in Kolkata city, the police found the gang involved in ATM skimming, online fraud, etc. Sixteen people have recently been arrested from the anti-bank fraud section. Police are investigating whether any of this group is involved in fraud.

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