Barrackpore blast | Bengali News: Barrackpore blast shakes house, but unscathed gas! Police investigating ….

# Arun Ghosh | Barrackpore: On the day of Lakshmipujo, a house in Barrackpore was shaken. The cause of the explosion is still unclear. The roof of the house collapsed in the blast. Local police reached the spot. The mystery is deepening after the initial investigation because the house gas is still intact after the explosion. Three people were injured in the incident. They were taken to BN Basu Sub-Divisional Hospital. The incident has caused a stir among the locals.

A powerful explosion took place at a house at Barrackpore Kalia Nibas this morning. The blast was so intense that all the doors and windows of the house, including the roof, were shattered. Three of the injured were admitted to hospital. The bomber struck shortly after 10 a.m. Sources said the landlord rented the ground floor. Two families lived on the ground floor of this house. Many drums of chemicals were found in the house where the blast took place.

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A man named Sai Jidal lived alone in this house. At first, the owner of the house said that he had busted the gas cylinder, but when he went to the house, he found three gas cylinders intact. Police have detained all the two families for questioning.

Raju Mallick, a resident of another house, admitted that he was addicted to various drugs but had no hand in the incident. Police also recovered a bottle of liquor and other drugs from inside the house. The initial estimate of the police is that the explosion was caused by the chemical found inside. However, the Titagar police have launched an investigation to uncover the real information.

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