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Behala boy died due to dengue in kolkata Barahnagar area Dengue claws in Kolkata amid panic of fever across the state? Intense agitation surrounding the death of a young man in Baranagar …– News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: The people of Najehal are already suffering from Viral Fever. The number of patients in hospitals in North Bengal is increasing by leaps and bounds. In this situation, Dengue Death is raising concerns again in Kolkata. A young man from Behala has died. The young man died while visiting a relative’s house in Barahnagar area. This has spread panic among the people of the area.

It is learned that 19-year-old Abhirup Saha, a resident of Taratla, Kolkata, came to visit his uncle’s house in Ghosh Para, Ward No. 24 in Baranagar. The young man was at his uncle’s house for some time. Then go back to Behala’s own house. But after moving from Mamabari (Barahnagar) to his own house in Taratla, he contracted Dengue Death. When he was seen by the doctors, the doctors advised him to be admitted to the hospital.

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Abirup Saha was admitted to Peerless Hospital in Kolkata on Monday on the advice of a doctor, after which he succumbed to dengue death at the hospital on Wednesday. After hearing about this incident, there has been a lot of panic among the common people in Ghoshpara area of ​​Ward No. 24 of Barahnagar Municipality. Besides, a relative of Abhirup Sahar is complaining that the treatment at Abhirup Saha Hospital was not proper. Not only that, he has complained that he died due to medical negligence at the age of nineteen.

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On the other hand, the local administrator has reassured the locals. Abirup Saha did not die of dengue death in Ward No. 24 of Baranagar and Basab Chandra Ghosh, Pur Co-ordinator of Ward No. 24 (Barahnagar) alleged that it was a conspiracy of the opposition to spread the news.

It is to be mentioned that 2 people have died of dengue this season. In addition, many children are suffering from unknown fever. Viral fever has gripped Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar, Malda, Asansol in West Burdwan and Durgapur. Many children have died due to this. All in all, the atmosphere in the state of Karona is creating new panic in the minds of the people.

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