#Howrah: Fleeing to the foreign kingdom was not the last defense. Finally, five days after the Behala faction clashes, the main accused in the Behala incident and his accomplices (Behala Update) were arrested. The main accused in the Behala incident is the expelled Trinamool Congress Behala youth president Somnath Banerjee. He had to change his mobile phone and SIM more than once and was caught with dust in the eyes of the police. He was arrested from Jaipur, Howrah. Six more people have been arrested along with him. The suspects’ mobile phones and cars were confiscated.

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According to police sources, Somnath Banerjee alias Baban has been arrested by the hooliganism branch of the Kolkata police’s intelligence department. Police sources said that all of them were arrested from a businessman’s house in Jaipur, Howrah rural area. Today, they will be taken to court on Sunday. They are alleged to have been involved in spreading unrest in the area, vandalizing bricks and firing.

Incidentally, on April 12, two groups clashed over who would be in charge of the Behala Update Charakatala fair ground. In Ward 121, a fierce clash broke out between the two groups. Shooting and bombing went on at night. The party office of Trinamool Congress was vandalized. Somnath alias Baban Bandyopadhyay, a young Trinamool president of Behala’s 121 ward, went missing after the incident. He was immediately expelled from the party by the Trinamool Congress.

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Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself telephoned MLA Ratna Chatterjee directly about the incident. He expressed concern. He even ordered an investigation into the incident. Apart from Somnath, the other accused were arrested within five days. It is learned that seven accused left the area in a commercial vehicle to throw dust in the eyes of the police.

One car and SIM change after another. They also tried to flee to foreign lands (Behala Update). They reach Digha first through Barasat and then through Baleshwar in Orissa. After contacting an acquaintance, he came to Jaipur and covered himself. But in the end they were arrested due to the activism of Lalbazar and the efforts of Behala police force.

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