#Kolkata: For the first time since March 18, 2020, Beleghata ID Hospital has not admitted any coronary heart disease patient on Thursday. The whole country as well as the state (West Bengal Coronavirus) is slowly recovering. The number of victims is decreasing little by little. Yesterday, 114 people were infected with corona in the state and one died. This number was higher than in the previous few days, the doctors were worried. In the meantime, the news of corona infestation in Beleghata ID has returned a lot of relief to the corona situation in the state.

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Incidentally, two days ago, the number of corona cases in the state had come down to 50. The death toll (West Bengal Coronavirus) also dropped to zero. But that comforting situation did not last long. Because the number of corona attacks increased to 6 on Tuesday. One died as of that day. The situation worsened on Wednesday. Because, according to the bulletin published by the health department this evening, the number of corona cases in the state is 114. Even today, news of the death of one person has been received.

In other words, the number of cases of coronavirus (West Bengal Coronavirus) in the state has come down a lot but it has again crossed 100 in Wednesday’s report. As a result, the positivity rate also increases. It was 0.32 percent on Tuesday, but increased to 0.49 percent on Wednesday.

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However, experts do not think that there is a cloud of fear. However, the number of coronavirus tests has also increased slightly compared to Tuesday (West Bengal Coronavirus). On Tuesday, the test was a little more than 21 thousand, on Wednesday that number has increased to more than 23 thousand. As the number of victims increased, so did the positivity rate.

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