#Kolkata, Arun Ghosh: Sneak peek at life. What else can be said after such an incident! The addiction of getting acquainted with people through mobile apps often brings great danger. Many in this generation do not understand exactly when, where to make videos through mobile app. Especially on the train, standing on the railway line while making this kind of video, there are many deaths. Yet some people are not moving.

This time, a young man died after getting electrocuted while getting on the train and going to make a tick video. After such an incident, there was a great commotion in the Belgharia Texmadako siding area.

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A young man got on a train standing on the siding line adjacent to Belgharia Texmaco and went to shoot a ticking video on his mobile phone. The young man died almost immediately after being electrocuted.

This incident caused a great stir in the Belgharia Texmadhaco area. The name and identity of the deceased youth have not been found yet. Dumdum GRP officers recovered the body and took it away.

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Local residents claim the young man was accompanied by a friend at the scene. The friends fled after the incident. This incident has surprised the local residents of the area. How the young man and his companions climbed on top of the train even though there were railway security guards on the railway siding! The question arises.

How did those young people get on top of the train and shoot a tick-tock video without anyone noticing! After such a tragic incident, questions are also being raised about the safety measures of the railways.

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