Belghoria Expressway: Dancing cars in potholes, accidents on the dangerous Belghoria Expressway are now commonplace

#Kolkata: Passengers have suffered daily. Some claim that it takes forty minutes to reach Baranagar station from Dakshineswar due to bad roads. Someone says, ‘There are so many holes in the road that it looks like the car could overturn at any moment.’

After the evening, bike collisions have become a daily occurrence. Rose’s daily journey is going on with constant worries and sufferings. Passengers are getting excited while driving on Belgharia Expressway. The Belgharia Expressway is now full of potholes. Where there are small and big holes. However, the condition of the road from Baranagar station to Baranagar metro station is dilapidated. This is the condition of Belgharia Expressway before and after the monsoon.

The appearance of worn out skeletons has come out of the streets. From car drivers to ordinary passengers, dissatisfaction is on the rise. Belgharia Expressway is an important road. This road is very important for those who travel from the National Highway to Sector Five, Salt Lake and the airport. This is an extension road to the National Highway. It is maintained by the State Highway Division. According to some locals, this road has not been built for a long time. Causing the soil to settle. The road has also been damaged due to overloaded vehicles plying on this highway.

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Although now the overloaded car is off. Purnima Bepari, who climbs the stairs from Dunlop turn every day and catches a car from Belgharia Expressway. According to other passengers with him, it took forty-five minutes to reach their office from here. It’s been more than two hours now. The biggest thing is, traffic jams are being created and cars are not available easily. As a result, it has become uncertain to reach the office on time.

People have to go to several hospitals in Kolkata by this road. Most of the people use this road as a result of breaking the Tala bridge. Pregnant women in particular are in dire straits as they walk down this road. Besides, there is so much shaking in the car, which makes the patients more and more sick. According to the people of the area, the road is getting more and more dangerous as soon as it rains.

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