Belur Math Kumari Pujo | In Belur Math, Kumari Pujo started by following the Kovid rules, find out the identity of Kumari this time.

#Kolkata: Today is Ashtami (Ashtami 2021). Following the tradition of 120 years, Kumari Pujo is being organized at Belur Math (Belur Math Kumari Pujo) on the morning of Ashtami. Although there is no known wave of fans. Because the monastery authorities do not want the crowd to break the Kovid rules in the pujo premises. However, arrangements have been made for the fans to watch the show live.

This time Kumari Saranya Chakraborty. He is only 6 years old and lives in South Kolkata. He was brought to the mandapa premises wearing a mask in accordance with the Kovid rules. This time the virgin is being worshiped as Uma.

Worship of minors as Chinmayi is an ancient custom of Belur Math. Swami Vivekananda first performed this puja in 1901 at Belur Math. But last year the question arose as there were no masks for virgins and priests. This time the monastery is not keeping such a gap in caution.

The decision of the monastery authorities is that there should not be more than 20-25 monks in the place of Pujo. The RTPCR test has also been done on the monks involved in the work of Pujo, the family members who came with the virgin. During the preparation of the puja, it was checked whether the child had taken other age-appropriate antidotes.

Note that Kumari is also being worshiped in public in Bagbazar. In this case also the pujo committee is keeping 20-25 people in the main mandapa. Upachar is being observed according to the distance rules. Mother and father came to the mandapa with the virgin. They have undergone RTPCR.

-Reporter- Debashis Chakraborty

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