Bengal Bjp: A councilor ticket costs 1 lakh! Audio publicly, Banga BJP brawl

#Kolkata: Earlier, allegations of financial corruption were made to run for the BJP. Explosive allegations of selling Assembly tickets have been raised within the party. This time the ticket price of the municipal councilor candidate has gone up by one lakh rupees. Bargaining is going on again with that money. An audio tape has been circulating on various social media since yesterday. Trinamool has also released this clip on social media. It was heard that another BJP activist named Pritam Sarkar was talking to a BJP leader. He was negotiating with the leader for the tickets of eight councilors. After the video was aired on various news outlets, the state BJP reportedly barred the leader from being associated with any BJP program or work. However, the authenticity of that audio has not been judged by News 18 Bangla.

Several days ago, Shankar Sikder was accused of financial corruption and selling tickets to stand for election. That allegation was even made as a festoon on the public street. The state BJP did not give any action on that at that time.

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However, Pritam joined the BJP from the Trinamool Congress before the Sarkar elections. According to sources, Pritam had borne the entire cost of transporting Shankar Sikder and Shashi Agnihotri to Delhi at a ministerial function in Delhi a few days ago. A few days ago, Tathagata tweeted and complained about the financial scandal in the Ekushey assembly election. This time there is an allegation of financial scandal regarding giving tickets to the candidates in South Kolkata.

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The BJP is in a state of discomfort. The name of BJP state president Sukant Majumdar has also been heard in the audio tape. However, on the allegation of taking money from the BJP, Dilip Ghosh said yesterday, “Whoever says he has to prove how the financial scandal happened?”

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