#Kolkata: The petals of the lotus of Bengal fell again. BJP’s Nadia South organizing district president Ashok Chakraborty has tendered his resignation seeking resignation from the party. And that has caused a stir in state politics. He wanted to resign twice before and after the Ekushey election. He even wrote a letter to the state leadership. But even though he did not resign twice, this time he sent his resignation letter to the state president. Recently, the Howrah district president of the BJP was expelled from the party. The situation in Howrah was created due to the clash with the Leader of the Opposition Shuvendu Adhikari. This time the resignation of Nadia South district president has stirred up the party again.

Many inside the BJP are saying that if the district presidents and organizational leaders start stepping down from their posts, the organization will collapse. Since the assembly vote, the organization in the districts has become weaker than before. Many are of the opinion that one resignation after another is weakening the party.

The BJP has been defeated in the Ekushey election despite having many dreams. And since that defeat, factionalism within the party has escalated. Geruya Shibir has also fallen head over heels in the Shantipur assembly by-election. After that Ashok Chakraborty decided to resign. Accordingly, he wrote a letter to BJP state president Sukant Majumder on Tuesday.

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But why did Ashok Chakraborty, the BJP’s Nadia South organizing district president, resign? In his own words, “The result of the party in the Shantipur by-election was not very good. That is why I want to move away with that responsibility in my head. ” According to sources, the factional strife of the party has intensified in Nadia South organizational district. It did not help to inform the leadership of the party. Many are not listening to the district president. Many have also developed contacts with the grassroots. In this situation, Ashok Chakraborty, the master of English by profession, does not want to take the responsibility of the team anymore.

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Ashok Chakraborty has been with the BJP since 1995. At one time he got the post of district president due to his good relations with Ranaghat MP Jagannath Sarkar. But the BJP’s insider news is that his distance with that Jagannath government has also increased. Many speculate that his resh resigned.

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