#Kolkata: State Assembly budget. Naturally, all eyes were on the anti-ruling party, the Trinamool versus the BJP. In fact, that conflict did happen. Chandrima Bhattacharya, the first woman finance minister of the state, had to read the budget amid strong opposition from BJP MLAs. However, before the budget was presented, the legislators of Gerua Shibir walked out of the assembly hall. The assembly grounds were filled with posters and slogans. But in the meantime, the BJP MLAs have taken a different look at the ‘outfit’ on Friday.

Except for a handful of male and female MLAs in the hands of the BJP, everyone wore Modi T-shirts. The BJP MLAs in the entire assembly premises made such a fuss. But why Modi T-shirt in the assembly? BJP MLA from Purshura Biman Ghosh said, “Narendra Modi is our leader. Whether it is assembly vote or Lok Sabha vote, people vote after seeing Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi’s popularity has been proved again in the five state assembly polls. So this outfit is to celebrate that victory. “

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Disappointment in the Assembly elections, the deplorable rate in one by-election after another and the collapse of the pre-vote. The state BJP, which went through this situation, is now literally in turmoil. But the state BJP leaders are hoping that the situation will change after the good results of four states, including Uttar Pradesh, on Thursday. In the words of the party’s state president Sukant Majumdar, “This victory will definitely inspire BJP workers and supporters in West Bengal. Political terror broke the morale of the workers. But this time they will get it back. As a result of these four states, West Bengal is no exception. We will oust the grassroots from the state in 2026 just as we will do well in Bengal in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. ”

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The BJP MLAs, led by Leader of the Opposition Shuvendu Adhikari, met at the Nizam’s Palace on the same day to formulate a new tactic. Sources said that the message would be given to the BJP MLAs to be more aggressive in that meeting.

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