Bengal Bjp on Sabyasachi Dutta: Tumul Birambana! What a loss to the grassroots of Sabyasachi, the Bengali BJP leader opened his mouth

#Kolkata: Once Sabyasachi Dutta joined the BJP by cutting the grassroots Maya by the hand of Mukul Roy. The party also stood on the floor and voted from the Bidhannagar center in the last assembly elections. But lost to old ‘teammate’ Sujit Basu. Since then, Sabyasachi Dutt has been playing tuneless. This leader close to Mukul Roy was in the BJP till this morning. But what he was saying in the face was clearly 180 degrees contrary to the opinion of the party. From then on, it was understood that unwritten wall writing. Finally, after Mamata Banerjee’s announcement, Sabyasachi returned to her old house. Joined the grassroots. The BJP camp is in discomfort for natural reasons. The BJP has declared Sabyasachi a co-observer in the Kharadaha constituency in the by-elections to the four state assemblies on October 30. That leader is at the grassroots before the by-election! What are the BJP leaders saying? Why did Sabyasachi Dutt go back to the grassroots? BJP leader Shamik Bhattacharya says, “He can say that. He was in our team, he has joined their team. Mukul came with Roy. Mukul Roy is gone, so he may be gone too. “At the same time, Shamik scoffed at the Trinamool.” The traitors whom the Trinamool used to call traitors are leaving again. ” There is no point in thinking that. The BJP will follow its own policy. The BJP did not force anyone into the party. What happened in front of the people, when he was in the BJP, people listened to him. In a democracy, people are the last word. ”

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Even though the BJP leaders want to accept that the party has suffered so much for Sabyasachi, the party’s discomfort is not going to be hidden in any way. Incidentally, Dilip Ghosh made a strong mockery of the Trinamool delegation going to Lakhimpur Kheri. Opposing him, Sabyasachi said, “Representatives of all parties have tried to go. No matter how much money you have, what would you eat if there were no farmers? What has happened there, I think, is a disgraceful day for that state and country.” In other words, it was understood that he was opposing the BJP. Of course, it was understood for several days. He was playing tuneless on various issues. Finally today, after taking oath on Thursday, Mamata Banerjee said, “I have asked you to take him (Sabyasachi) today.” After the press conference, the former MLA of Bidhannagar officially returned to his old house.

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