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Bengal Bjp: The party is losing, because of the Dilip-Sukant clash? Noise in BJP over dissatisfaction


#Kolkata: Although there is a possibility of coming to power, it did not see the light of day. After dreaming of 200 seats, BJP is now in opposition seats in Bengal. But after the Ekushey assembly vote, the tone of conflict in Bengal BJP. From the ground floor to the top floor of the state leadership, the only conflict in the BJP now is in the political arena. Despite repeated messages from the central leadership, the conflict has not been resolved. This time, therefore, the BJP’s all-India general secretary organization BL Santosh gave a stronger message to the state leadership. He gave a strong message to Sukant Majumder and Dilip Ghosh.

What did Santosh say? According to sources, Santosh said at the party meeting, “The party does not leave on suspicion. Who will leave the team, I will not put him in the committee, I will not give work, it can not be. Leadership must be trusted by leaders and workers, no matter how small or large. Faith is real. We have to take everyone with us. “

This is not the end, the message of satisfaction, “No one is a Brahmin. When someone leaves the team, I suffer. I think for a minute. Did I make a mistake? Can’t I just explain to him? I think it’s my fault. If you can’t take everyone with you, then what kind of leader are you? ‘

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While Santosh is giving this message to the state leadership, the All India President JP Nadda himself is on a state visit. Nadda also gave multiple tips to Sukant to unite the team. In the meantime, BL conveyed the message of satisfaction, “Coordination among the state leadership needs to be further enhanced. Upstairs one needs to stop speaking against the other. This is harming the party organization. “

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JP Nadda also sat in a meeting with BJP state president Sukant Majumder, opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari, BJP all-India vice-president Dilip Ghosh and other leaders. At that meeting, he conveyed the message to the state leadership, “We have to stand by the people. We have to build a movement with people. There will be ideological struggle. But, we have to give more importance to the demands of the people. The outrage of the Aam Aadmi Party over the corruption and deprivation of the present government needs to be taken seriously. The center or anyone from above will not change the state. The party has to move forward in the state through struggle and movement.

The scars of the failure of the Assembly vote. Conflicts between leaders at the top of the party. One by one the leaders left the Padma camp and returned to the grass camp. Jagat Prakash Nadda, the all-India president of Gerua Shibir, also gave a message to the party leadership to unite and fight. Earlier, Union Home Minister Amit Shah also had a message of fighting.

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