Bengal Bjp: ‘Wrong thinking came’, MLA admits ‘wrong’ to Sukant Majumdar! But why?

#Kolkata: Five MLAs have left the WhatsApp group of Bengal BJP MLAs on Christmas. Within 24 hours of the incident, one of the MLAs realized his ‘mistake’. According to Gerua Shibir sources, one of the five MLAs admitted wrongdoing to BJP state president Sukant Majumdar soon after leaving the group. According to sources, BJP MLA Ambika Roy told state president Sukant Majumder, “I sincerely apologize. I did this kind of work out of wrong thoughts. BJP sources said that after apologizing, Kalyani MLA Ambika Roy wanted to focus on her work.

Incidentally, the state committee of the Bengal BJP has been newly formed after the Calcutta pre-poll. Asim Sarkar, Ambika Roy, Subrata Tagore, Mukutmani Adhikari and Ashok Kirtaniya have left the official WhatsApp group of BJP MLAs, alleging that the Matuas are not adequately represented in the committee. When the Bengalis rejoiced at Christmas, there was a stir in the political circles of the state about the BJP MLAs leaving the group.

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The legislators, who have left the party’s official WhatsApp group ‘Left’, have not yet publicly expressed their displeasure, but that is not stopping the storm inside the BJP. Manoj Tigga, chief whip of the BJP parliamentary party in the assembly, also admitted the matter. While acknowledging that the MLAs have left the WhatsApp group, however, he said that he has talked to Ashok Kirtaniya and Subrata Tagore, among the MLAs who have left the WhatsApp group. He further claimed that it was due to misunderstanding. The legislators also misunderstood. That is why a section of the BJP in Bengal seems to be admitting the mistake of one MLA this time.

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Incidentally, the Matua vote in the 2019 and 2021 elections has set the standard for the BJP. Based on the Matua vote, Gerua Shibir has won in about 7 centers including Bangaon North and South. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. According to sources, MP and Union Minister Shantanu Tagore wanted to discuss the issue with BJP All India President JP Naddar in Delhi. However, it is clear that the fire of resentment within the BJP is not diminishing.

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