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Bengal News | Blood Crisis: Blood Crisis across the state! The reluctance in the blood donation camp in Corona, the ultimate problem is thalassemia patients …


#Kolkata : Coronavirus: Blood Crisis (Bengal News Blood Crisis) Very few voluntary blood donation camps are being organized in the state of Corona. And that is why there is danger in all cases. Patients with thalassemia in extreme crisis (Bengal News Blood Crisis) without getting the required blood supply.

Covid-19 Scare on the one hand because of the summer and weather-related reasons. As a result, a terrible blood crisis (Bengal News Blood Crisis) is being created across the state. Many people are hesitant to donate blood for fear of infection with Covid 19. Besides, people from far away or villages are not coming to the city to donate blood as the train is closed.

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The ultimate reluctance of political parties to organize a blood bank. As a result, blood collection in the state is going to be much less. With this, it takes a lot of time to sort the blood group that is being collected on Saturday and Sunday (Blood Bank), as a result of which the victims are getting in trouble, i.e. the people who need blood.

There is a severe shortage of blood in the negative group. Positive blood deficiency is similarly high. AB positive blood deficiency is especially high. If a patient needs 4 units of blood, one unit is available, the rest is donated. In the situation of various blood banks in the state including Kolkata, blood is not being given without donors almost everywhere.

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The most common problems in this situation are thalassemia patients and children with hemophilia or blood cancer. They are struggling to get regular blood supply. Families are drowning with sick patients.

Incidentally, the blood donation camp was already closed to avoid the gathering due to the Corona outbreak. After that 30 blood donations were arranged in the blood banks. But there was no promising success. Due to which the blood crisis is getting worse. Blood banks in thought.

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