#Kolkata: Bunty-Babli from Kolkata was caught by the police. Not movies, in fact, they were robbed in pairs. Finally the game is over. Police have arrested accused couple Bunty Ranjit and Kajal Ram from North Kolkata.

In the city of Saptami, when the light and the tide of joy were flowing, the couple set the perfect target. Police claim that the couple boarded an app cab at the premises adjacent to Dumdum station around 7.30 pm on the seventh day. They took the cab offline. They told the cab driver they wanted to see some of the famous pujas in Salt Lake and North Kolkata.

They took the driver to the Eddie block of Salt Lake. The couple jumped on top of the semen Yadav driver after jumping into a secluded spot in the Eddie block. His mobile phone was snatched, he was beaten, left out of the car and Bunty Babli ran away with the car.

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It is normal for people to stay awake for a while on the night of Pujo. The injured driver Birju Yadav informed the locals directly. The locals took him to Bidhannagar (North) police station. Upon investigation, the police started checking the CCTV footage.

Eventually, the police arrested Bunty from Ghoshpara area of ​​Kashipur. Kajal was arrested from Kalimata Colony in Baranagar. They are currently in judicial custody.

This real Bunty-Bubbly game started showing a long time ago, of course. Between September 12 and 23, three separate incidents came to the notice of the Calcutta Police. Somewhere the driver was drugged, somewhere the car was looted by beating directly, one after another such incidents were coming to the fore. The police were also looking for the real Bunty-Babli on CCTV.

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