Bengali News | Kolkata Bikers breaking Penalized | Kolkata police charge record-breaking bikes on Pujo road

# Amit Chakraborty, Kolkata: This time in Kolkata, the Kolkata police set a record by taking action against the speeding bikes, surpassing the statistics of the last two years. This time five times more bikes have been caught in Pujo than in 2019. The suspects violated Section 163 of the Motor Vehicle Act, meaning they were speeding. This time, measures have been taken against 450 bikes for speeding.

The third night has the most steps. The number was 7. In the days of Pujo in 2019, steps were taken against unbridled speed riding 90. Last year in 2020 the number was 106.

This is not the end. Strict measures have been taken against reckless riding. From the third to the tenth, action has been taken against a total of 1143 bikes who have violated Section 164 of the Motor Vehicle Act. These figures are much higher than in the last two years.

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According to the police, this year, on the eighth day, the bikes were riding on the road in the most reckless manner. On that day, the Kolkata police took action against 18 people for reckless riding a bike.

Action has also been taken against 5160 people for riding three bikes. In 2019, the number was 1857. Lalbazar did not give any discount in the days of Pujo even for riding a bike without a helmet. The authorities were instructed to take action from the very beginning. This time in Pujo, the police have taken action against 658 people without helmets. The 2019 number was 4534. However, in 2020 the number was more than this time. 6173 people took to the streets on bikes without helmets.

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