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Bengali News | Laxmi Puja Bazar | The price of high vegetable fish may go up sharply before Lakshmipujo


#Kolkata: The fire in Pujo market has subsided. Vegetables are going to be given to fish. However, prices are still rising. The market people think that the price of vegetables and fish will increase step by step before Lakshmipujo. From fish to vegetables, fruits – what is the price today, how much is the difference from the four days of Pujo, all the information is –

The price of Lake Market

The price of vegetables

Patal desi was 100 / kg. Today the price is 90 / kg.

Shrimp 50-60 / kg has been running for two weeks

Eggplant was 100 / kg in the days of Pujo. Today 80 / kg (large size). Small size 60 / kg

Cauliflower (price as size)

Large size price was 50 rupees per piece. Today large size full copy is 40 rupees per piece. The smaller ones cost 25 to 35 rupees.


At the time of Pujo, the price of large size copy was 50 / kg. Sold at 40 / kg today.


Pujo was 100 / kg for four days. Today 70-8 rupees / kg. Sweet pumpkin 30/40 rupees per kg (this price is running).

The price was 40-50 rupees per piece. Today 35-40 rupees. Spinach 25-30 rupees 500 g Sajon 150 / kg was 140 / kg today

Fish meat market price

Chicken Chicken Cut 180/160 Taka per kg 230-240 / kg (last two weeks this price) Domestic Chicken 300 / kg Lobster 800 / kg Chabra Shrimp 350 / kg Bagda Shrimp 900 / kg (This price has been going on for last few days)

Whole Rui 200 / kg (Desi) Cut 250 / kg Andhra Rui 160 / kg

500 / kg per purse (local)


Whole 260-300 / kg If the bot is big 350 cut 400-450 / kg

Hilsa weighing one and a half kg and above 1800 / kg Before Pujo, its price was 1800 700-1 kg. Hilsa weighing 1300 / kg was 900-1000 / kg.

Potato Onion Garlic Price

Chandramukhi 22-24 / kg Jyoti 18 / kg Onion 60 / kg (a week before Pujo it was 40 / kg) Garlic 250/300 kg

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