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#Kolkata: The state by-election is on September 30. The epicenter of this by-election was Bhabanipur By-poll. The BJP’s candidate against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in this seat is lawyer Priyanka Tibrewal. Former Union Minister Babul Supriyo is very happy with this decision. Babul Supriya, who retired from politics soon after leaving the ministry, did not resign. He is still a BJP MP from Asansol. After announcing the name of Priyanka (Priyanka Tibrewal), Babul tweeted his happiness. But Babul, who recently announced that he had left politics despite being an MP, was criticized by netizens for questioning why he was talking about the vote. Former Union Minister MP Babul Supriya has become the final troll in the media after being full of praise for Priyanka Tibrewal.

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Note that for a long time, Priyanka Tibrewal was known in the Gerua camp as Babul’s lawyer. Priyanka joined the BJP after the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, when Babul became a minister. He later became the state vice-president of the BJP Youth Front in 2020. Babul wrote that the BJP had fielded Priyanka as its candidate in Bhabanipur on Friday, at one point asking Tibewal to join the party. In the tweet, the MP also used words like ‘brave’, ‘rationalist’, ‘confident’ etc. to praise Priyanka. The Asansol MP also thanked Amit Shah, JP Nadda and the BJP for taking such a decision.

Not only that, in another tweet addressed to Priyanka, Babul wrote, ‘In life, defeat is not everything. Life is the courage to fight a tough battle. ‘ Following Babul’s remarks, a group of netizens started mocking him on Twitter.

The net world is critical of Babul’s tweet. One wrote, ‘I see so many colors in the world. I will give up the post of MP, after that I will give up the post of MP, I will give up politics but I will go to Bhabanipur for campaigning. Another wrote, ‘I’m not doing politics. I just did a little brokerage for the BJP candidate. I am no longer in politics. I’m just talking about something. ‘ Another commented, ‘What is all this, Babul Dada! You will not go to the political stage, you left politics! Do you want to say goodbye to these two rupees? ‘ Of course, Babul also answered several of them. He asks everyone, ‘Why are you in such a hurry to prove yourself a fool in the long run?’

Only time will tell what he meant by this answer. Incidentally, the BJP has fielded Priyanka Tibrewal against Mamata Banerjee in the Bhabanipur by-election on Friday. After that, the list of star preachers of the party has been published, Babul’s name is in it. Many people are shocked to see that. So did Babul return to the mainstream of politics?

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