#Kolkata: Trinamool and BJP have started a massive campaign in Bhabanipur By-Election. Trinamool leaders, including Transport Minister Firhad Hakim, are campaigning on behalf of Mamata Banerjee, and even the Trinamool leader herself is going to multiple places. BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal is not campaigning for Bishwakarma Pujo on Friday. Incidentally, Friday is also the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The BJP has taken various programs on that occasion. But there is no Bhabanipur candidate in the election campaign! Priyanka Tibrewal, however, says she is in the campaign. But secretly preaching.

Two days ago, while playing drums and chanting traditional names in the Jadubabur Bazar area of ​​Bhabanipur Center, Trinamool Congress activists in the area started chanting the name of Mamata Banerjee and Joy Bangla in front of Priyanka. The BJP candidate also got angry. After that the same incident is happening again and again in Bhabanipur area. Meanwhile, after receiving a letter from the Election Commission regarding the Kovid violation, Priyanka Tibrewal said, “Such a letter is 100 paise, 150 paise, 200 rips.” Priyanka made a fuss over that comment. The Trinamool (TMC) is targeting this comment. They allege that this comment shows from what point of view the BJP views the commission.

According to BJP sources, Priyanka’s remarks in the wake of the commission’s letter have increased the party’s discomfort. Priyanka has even lashed out at the Kolkata police for increasing her campaign. (Priyanka Tibrewal on Kolkata Police). The team did not take that issue properly. The inside story of the team, that’s why they have been asked to promote a little more. Even though there was a pre-arranged schedule for the day, Priyanka did not join it. Although Priyanka has claimed in the media, ‘I am on the side of the people. Going to people. The media may not know.

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Incidentally, Bhabanipur BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal was allegedly holding an illegal rally on Shambhunath Pandit Street on Monday on her way to submit her nomination papers at the Survey Building in Alipore. The Trinamool claimed that at least five hundred people had gathered there. It was even alleged that a large number of bikes and cars had gathered in violation of the Election Commission’s rules. Dhunuchi dance was also organized in the street Priyanka Tibrewal and staff joined it. The Trinamool then approached the commission against Priyanka on the basis of the allegations. In that context, Priyanka received a letter from the commission. But his comments on the letter left the party in a new state of discomfort. That is why a section of the political circles think that Priyanka’s campaign is a ‘secret’ program. However, while Priyanka is talking about a secret program, Rudranil Ghosh, chairman of the BJP’s campaign committee at the Bhabanipur Center, has accused the Trinamool of threatening the campaign.

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