Bhabanipur by election results 2021: Mamata in the spotlight, what will be the gap, says Trinamool

#Kolkata: I had a headache with booths 60 and 70. However, on the day of counting of votes, the grassroots are much relieved. Because it is an open secret within the party, the vote has been good. Even in booths 60 and 64, more than 50 percent of the votes were cast. So the grassroots are not thinking about victory. Instead, the focus of the grassroots camp is on widening the gap today (Bhabanipur by election results 2021). Trinamool says the party will respond to the Nandigram incident today.

This morning, Firhad Hakim said that Mamata Banerjee will win with a smile (Bhabanipur by poll results).

Note that in the last few days of the campaign in Bhabanipur, no big meeting was held. Trinamool emphasized on door-to-door campaign. The aim of the Trinamool was to go to all the houses and seek votes. People of different languages ​​live in 6 wards of Bhabanipur. The Trinamool wanted equal votes from all these wards.

Wards 60 and 64 were the most watched. Because even in the last assembly, the Trinamool was behind in ward number 70 with 2092 votes. On the other hand, Ward No. 64 Trinamool was behind with 534 votes. The grassroots needed overall participation in the vote to close this gap. Five leaders in eight wards set out to ensure this participation. Was given along with Subrata Bokshi, Kalyan Banerjee.

In the 2021 Assembly elections (West Bengal Election 2021), Mamata Banerjee first said that she would stand from both the centers at Bhabanipur Nandigram. Later, however, he became a candidate in Nandigram. Shobhandev Chattopadhyay was the grassroots card in Bhabanipur. After defeating BJP’s Rudranil Ghosh, Shobhandev secured a big victory in Bhabanipur. Mamata Banerjee, on the other hand, lost by a narrow margin in Nandigram. Even though she was the chief minister according to the constitutional rules, Mamata had to win the by-election. In this situation, Shobhandev Chatterjee gave up his seat to Mamata. Trinamool in the name of campaigning if the election schedule is published.

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Of the six wards in Bhabanipur, 60 and 64 were the most watched as there are a lot of non-Bengali speaking voters. The BJP was targeting them in the election campaign. On the other hand, Mamata Banerjee started promoting Bhabanipur as Mini India. In every ward, grassroots activists go from house to house to ask for votes.

This is the trend of Bengal with less votes in the by-elections, even after that, about 58 percent of the votes were cast in Bhabanipur. This vote percentage is much higher than in 2011. Despite getting only 45 percent of the vote, the Trinamool won in 2011 with about 54,000 votes. This is the reason why the Trinamool thinks that the gap may widen this time (Bhabanipur by election results 2021).

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