#Kolkata: The by-election in Bhabanipur was going on at a slow pace since morning. As the day progressed, there was some momentum in the voting. In Bhabanipur, the turnout was a little over 21% as of 11 am. In the morning, the turnout in Bhabanipur was less than eight per cent. In other words, more than 13 percent of the votes were cast in two hours.

According to the Election Commission, the turnout in Bhabanipur is still 21.83 percent. In Jangipur, the turnout was 38.11 percent. In Samsherganj 40.23 percent votes were cast.

By-election turnout in this state is already low. Meanwhile, the weather in Kolkata has been very bad for some time. As a result, the Trinamool has been campaigning door-to-door for the last one month, assuming that the turnout may be lower. Seeing the sluggishness of the locals in the polling this morning, the central forces also entered the hall to encourage them. The security guards started a route march in the area to ensure that the residents of Highrise could come to the polling station safely. Meanwhile, the weather office should inform that the weather in Kolkata will be comfortable on the day of polling in Bhabanipur. As a result, the picture changes as the day progresses. Long lines of voters could be seen at polling stations that were almost empty since morning.

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While visiting the polling booths, the reporters said that the booths in Ward No. 64 were relatively empty but there were more or less lines in each of the remaining wards. On the other hand, voting in Samsherganj Jangipur election is much higher. According to the statistics, 40.23 per cent votes were cast in Samsherganj by 11 am and 30.10 per cent votes were cast in Jangipur.

Mamata Banerjee has been looking for inconvenience to the voters at the polling stations in Bhabanipur from her soldiers since this morning. Priyanka Tibrewal is walking around the booth. Zakir Hossain, a Trinamool candidate from Jangipur Assembly constituency, also visited other polling stations. Trinamool candidate Zakir Hossain is happy that ordinary people are coming to vote even though it is a little difficult due to natural calamities.

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