Bhabanipur By Election | West Bengal Chief Secretary: Special instructions from the Chief Secretary about ‘water’ in Bhabanipur! High voltage by-election in sight?

#Kolkata: Heavy rains are still inundating Kolkata and large areas of the state. The meteorological department said the rain would continue till Wednesday. However, there is no guarantee that the rain will stop. As a result, there is no certainty as to when the people of the state will be freed from the torment of water. Many areas of the entire state are now under water. Dams have also broken in many places. In such a flood situation (Flood in Bengal) Harikrishna Dwivedi, the Chief Secretary of the state (West Bengal Chief Secretary) sat in a meeting with the officials of all the districts of the state. In that discussion, of course, there was a special discussion about Bhabanipur.

It is learned that the chief secretary told the meeting that special attention should be paid to the disaster in Bhabanipur area. We have to see in some way so that the water of Bhabanipur does not freeze. When water collects, water should be pumped out immediately. If it rains not only in Bhabanipur, but also in other places where elections are held, special attention should be given to water storage, said the Chief Secretary.

Not only that, the Chief Secretary has instructed the Commissioner of Calcutta Municipality to keep NDRF team in Kolkata. The Chief Secretary also discussed the water storage situation in Newtown and Bidhannagar. The flood situation in East Midnapore and West Midnapore also came up in the discussion.

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At the same time, the district magistrates of the concerned districts have been advised to inspect the rivers along with the officials of the Irrigation Department. It has also been instructed to keep adequate stock of relief materials. Wherever rescue work is needed, rescue work will soon be needed. In a meeting with the district governors of South Bengal, the chief secretary directed that no compromise on relief would be tolerated.

However, after all, the main focus has been on Bhabanipur. The by-election will be held on September 30 in Bhabanipur. The candidate is Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself. As a result, if Bhabanipur water collects, it may be embarrassing for the ruling party. That is why some sections of the political circles think that such an instruction is necessary.

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