Bhabanipur By Poll Campaign: Dilip Ghosh’s security guards raise pistols! The report was summoned by the commission, which directed L …

#Kolkata: In the end, the campaign for Bhabanipur By-Election (Bhabanipur By Poll) was frozen. However, after taking part in the campaign at Jadubabu Bazaar on Monday, what happened around Dilip Ghosh overshadowed the rest. Jadubabu’s market square took on the appearance of a battlefield. Dilip Ghosh, the BJP’s all-India co-president, faced strong protests in Bhabanipur on the same day. Just as he was accused of pushing grassroots activists around him, so were Dilip Ghosh’s security guards being accused of firing back pistols. And after this incident, the Election Commission sat motionless. The commission summoned the district election officials to report by 4 pm. On Monday morning, while Dilip Ghosh was distributing BJP leaflets at Jadubabur Bazar under Bhabanipur Center, Trinamool activists came in front of him. The slogan of ‘Joy Bangla’ started after the new BJP state president. BJP leaders and activists kept chanting ‘Joy Sriram’. Dilip Ghosh also joined the slogan. But by then the devastation had begun. At the same time, Dilip Ghosh’s security guards were seen aiming pistols at the protesters. That incident has caused a stir in the Bhabanipur by-election. This was immediately followed by a tweet from the Trinamool’s official Twitter handle. The video of Dilip Ghosh’s security guards pointing pistols at them was written on behalf of the Trinamool Congress, ‘Banga BJP’s new incident. How can a gun be aimed like this in broad daylight? Do people not have the right to protest against the leaders? This scene of human rights violation is shameful! It is terrible for the safety of the people of Bhabanipur! ‘ On the other hand, Banga tweeted on behalf of the BJP, ‘BJP officials lost blood again at the BJP’s election rally at Jadubazar in Bhabanipur by the Trinamool goons! After Nandigram, the people of Bhabanipur will also respond to this injustice on September 30 at the ballot box.

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And the Election Commission sat motionless guessing the situation. According to the source, the commission is giving special importance to the incident of showing the pistol of Dilip Ghosh’s security guards. The commission has directed the returning officer to immediately call for a report by 4 pm and immediately calm down the law and order situation in the area. Video footage of the whole incident has also been sent. Dilip Ghosh, however, mocked the Trinamool in today’s incident and said, ‘The Trinamool is not able to reach out to the people. So the BJP is lagging behind. I have been repeatedly interrupted. But I did what I had to do. ‘ Minister of State Firhad Hakim scolded Dilip and said, “Dilip Ghosh has been removed by his party. People do not want him. The words that Dilip Ghosh said that people do not like are being proved time and time again.

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