Bhabanipur By Poll Results | Madan Mitra on Mamata Banerjee: Madan Mitra on Mamata Banerjee on the way to show the trailer

#Kolkata: The Trinamool has started showing the wave of victory. Mamata Banerjee is on track to win the Bhabanipur by-election by a record margin. And so Madan Mitra could not sit inside the house. He came down the road. Sabuj Abir Mekhe Madan Mitra informed that now only the trailer, then the showing of the picture will start.

Madan has already released several songs about Mamata. As soon as Mamata’s victory was almost certain, all those songs came up in Madan’s throat. At the same time, he warned the BJP, ‘Where is Narendra Modi, Amit Shah’s ED-CBI. ‘India Betty’ started its journey from Bhabanipur. Let’s see what the BJP does to stop him? Madan informed that now the trailer has just been shown. The picture is still left. A three-year-old small tabla player is also being invited to celebrate the victory, the Kamarhati MLA said.

BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal has written a letter to the acting chief justice of the Calcutta High Court before announcing the Bhabanipur results on the same day. This letter is based on the formula that the result of the vote should not be the next unrest. However, in the wake of that letter from the BJP candidate, the BJP has been sidelined by the state minister, Firhad Hakim, one of Mamata Banerjee’s generals in the Bhabanipur polls. He said, ‘Why would there be violence after the vote? Nowhere will there be any post-vote violence in Bengal. These are actually BJP’s propaganda. The BJP is trying to insult Bengal in this way. Peaceful area along Bhabanipur. We are in the festival after this victory. I will play Abir. Everyone eats sweets. They have no place in Bengal because BJP insults Bengal.

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By the way, Mamata Banerjee is already ahead with 33,962 votes. In that case, the Trinamool is hopeful that Mamata’s record of 54,213 votes in the 2011 Bhabanipur by-election will be broken on this day. In that case, a section of the political circles say that in the Bhabanipur by-election campaign, Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee demanded that Mamata would win by one lakh votes. Mamata Banerjee’s margin of victory may come close to that demand of Abhishek.

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