#Kolkata: Different languages, different opinions Bhabanipur. Mamata Banerjee herself went to contest the by-election (Bhabanipur By Poll) with the badge of Mini India. A combination of Bengali-speaking, non-Bengali and minority votes took place at the Bhabanipur center. Politicians have already made it clear that this demographic was one of the factors in the by-elections. While the BJP was hoping for wards 60 and 64 in Bhabanipur, the Trinamool’s challenge was to change the ‘section’ of those two wards. And on Sunday, on the day of the results, it was seen that Mamata Banerjee is also wiping out the BJP in wards 60 and 64 of Sadh.

As of the writing of this report, Trinamool candidate Mamata still has a lead of 5500 votes in Ward No. 64. Trinamool is also taking the lead with more than 1,000 votes in ward no. Despite the strong grassroots storm, the BJP was leading in wards 60 and 64 in the last assembly polls. There are more non-Bengali voters. As a result, the BJP’s goal was to draw as many non-Bengali votes into their EVMs as possible. But it was seen in the workplace that the grassroots leader is easily overcoming even the hardest knot.

Incidentally, Ward No. 60 of Bhabanipur is inhabited by people from different communities starting from Gujarati-Punjabi. Bhabanipur is called Mini India mainly because of the variety of this ward. The Trinamool thought that getting a good vote from here would mean some kind of peace of mind. Moreover, to measure the water of the upcoming municipal vote, one has to understand the number 60. As such, Ward No. 60 reassured the grassroots a lot in this by-election.

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In the run-up to the by-elections, MLA Debashish Kumar was given the charge of Trinamool’s 70th ward. In this ward, the Trinamool was behind in the last assembly with 2092 votes. The Trinamool felt that going forward in this ward meant an absolute victory. And the BJP also hoped that if this ward could be retained, incidents could happen in Bhabanipur. In addition to 70, ward number 64 was also in the spotlight of the two parties. But in both the wards, the grassroots proved to be ahead, the entire Bhabanipur residents wanted Mamata Banerjee’s victory. On the other hand, Ward No. 6 of Bhabanipur is mainly minority dominated. Ward No. 8 gave the Trinamool a lead of about 22,000 votes out of 26,000 in the Ekushey Assembly elections. This time too the news is that the ward is giving a huge lead to the grassroots.

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