Bhabanipur By Poll Results | Mamata Banerjee Win: Breaking the record of 2011, Mamata won Bhabanipur! The journey to occupy India begins …

#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee broke all records. From the very beginning of the Bhabanipur By-Poll Results, the Trinamool leader had started lagging far behind BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal. And as the day progresses, it is understood that Mamata Banerjee is going to win by a record margin. Trinamool candidate Shobhandev Chattopadhyay lost to BJP candidate Rudranil Ghosh by 2619 votes in the 2021 assembly polls. That statistic was broken long ago by Mamata. And this time Mamata also broke the record of 2011 Bhabanipur by-election. As of last news, Mamata Banerjee has won Bhabanipur by 5732 votes. At the end of the EVM count, he was ahead by 56,369 votes. The Trinamool got 443 votes in the postal ballot.

Incidentally, after the demarcation of the border, voting took place again in Bhabanipur in 2011. Subrata Boxi from the Trinamool won the Bhabanipur constituency first after taking power in the Trinamool state after 34 years of left rule. Although Mamata Banerjee was the Chief Minister at that time, she had to contest the by-election from Bhabanipur in 2021 as it did this time. Because then he was an MP As a result, after the resignation of Subrata Boxi, Mamata won from Bhabanipur

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Trinamool’s Subrata Bokshi won the 2011 assembly elections in Bhabanipur by 49,936 votes. In the 2011 by-elections, Mamata Banerjee won with 54,213 votes. But this time the record was broken. It is learned that at the end of 20 rounds, Mamata Banerjee is leading with 56, 57 votes. In other words, Mamata’s record in the 2011 Bhabanipur by-election has already been broken.

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